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I'm Meghan

I pursued Political Science at The University of Texas while juggling my role as a student athlete. However, my heart soon led me toward a more creative realm. I began my journey in the marketing arena in New York, working for a publishing company – think "The Devil Wears Prada," but on the advertising side. This eventually led me to a wedding photography company, where I handled their marketing, and then to the dynamic world of interior design. Here, I represented premium textiles across three states. Despite my passion for interior design, I felt the need to enhance my knowledge and skills, prompting me to enroll at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia for interior design while simultaneously working full-time and soaking up industry insights by day and attending courses by night.

Fast forward three years to my marriage to Rob and the arrival of our eldest, Landyn. At that point, I decided to pause my career and embrace the role of a stay-at-home mom, caring for Landyn and later, Bryce, during their early years. While this decision was an easy one, the absence of a creative outlet proved challenging. I started sharing my design and style ideas on Instagram, and the rest, as they say, is history. Reihman Road is now an interior design and lifestyle blog with a goal to share products and resources that bring beauty and ease to your life.

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Anything with bubbles!

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Osea Body Oil - I’ve never loved a moisturizer more!

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Exploring local arboretums. I’m garden obsessed!

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The name Reihman Road embodies my heritage - a road on our family's 50-acre farm that guided my childhood. Named after the Reihman family, my mother's maiden name, this place is entrenched in our family history for decades. Among my top three sanctuaries, Reihman Road, alongside the farm and any waterfront, holds a special place. Weekly visits to this haven clear my mind, offer precious time with my grandparents, and reframe my perspective. Here, my connection with nature bloomed, as I gathered wildflowers, plucked wild berries, and traced the creek's path. Nature's palette – blues, creamy whites, warm greys – inspires my creative endeavors. On Reihman Road, I learned some of my life’s most important principles: valuing enduring craftsmanship, investing in the exceptional, cherishing simple moments. Reihman Road infused in me a reverence for quality, the art of finding joy in life's simple treasures, and the magic of merging nature with our spaces – all central to the Reihman Road brand.

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