In 2020, at the start of the pandemic we had just moved out of our first home we started together and onto Reihman Road in the house I grew up in. Our new build was on pause (due to the pandemic) and we needed a place to stay. With a 1 year old and a 3 year old by my side day and night while Rob worked from home, I gravitated to the garden any chance I could get.

I bought my first Dahlia this summer and shortly thereafter all the dahlia books I could get my hands on. The blooms were plentiful and the plant was huge! They bloomed for what seemed like forever and were the best surprise each morning we’d wake up to another day stuck at home.

First frost killed the last of the blooms after 2 months of arms full of the most beautiful cutting flowers I had ever seen. I dug up the tubers as the books detailed (it’s too cold here for them to be in the ground over winter) to find not one but 8 tubers! to be stored for winter and then divided in the spring. How did one plant that produced so many pretty blooms all season long just turn into 8! I was hooked!

I now have over 200 plants (that should be about 1500 tubers after first frost) and I plan on selling tubers for Spring 2024 planting to share my love of Dahlia’s with all of you! 

Reihman Road

Dahlia Tubers will be available beginning late winter 2024